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About Us

At Ann Arbor Dance Classics, we believe in enriching each child with the very best in dance education.  We believe in providing high quality instruction in the technique, artistry, and discipline that comprise any dance class.   We continuously evaluate our staff and curriculum in order to be sure that we are best meeting our goals.  Specifically, we strive to implement the following dance education objectives at AADC:

  • To provide high quality instruction in terminology and technique. 

  • To expose students to a broad range of classic forms of dance.

  • To provide opportunities for students to work with various instructors and choreographers.

  • To value classical ballet as the foundation of other forms of classical dance.

  • To emphasize dance as a means of artistic expression and self-expression.

  • To enhance the dancer’s educational experience with attention to the discipline of dance.


"We value and respect the dancers who choose AADC for their dance education.  We are dedicated to making this a positive and rewarding experience for every student at our studio."

Deena Fournier, AADC Studio Director

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